Oh yeah

This is the latest in a long series of posts about the state of my studio/craft room. I started talking about this about five years ago, I kid you not. And today I have reached another milestone in the long running battle to Declutter whilst keeping all my stuff. Seemingly  an impossible balancing act. And yet, here we are. Look, it looks like a room! It doesn’t look like a jumble sale! Admittedly, there is enough stuff in here to supply about three jumble sales but I am content for now. And the reason for this activity? Well, it’s the deadline tomorrow for handing in my Masters semester one work… Displacement therapy anyone?!


i painted my nails today. I used a delicate nude pink and my hands looked ever so chic. Then I started grouting. I lasted about two hours in chic mode. Then I started grouting. I prefer grouting to painting my nails, I’ve decided. More meditative. 

Why grout? Well I’m dipping a toe into the world of mosaics. I have a chest of drawers I am upcycling for my studio and I’m doing a mosaic on the top, smaller, drawer. This is a work in progress but thus far we have…


all glued in place

Tonight I practiced grouting on a birdhouse I had lying around. As you do. And so far…


It’s going to be a loooong process but it’s pressing all the right buttons for me. Groan. 



Thank you teacher part one

so, it’s that time of year again, and I’m wondering what to get my children’s teachers to say thank you for taking them off my hands for the whole year. Little one has finished reception and is still in the school system so I have lots to be grateful for. This post shows what I made his teacher and I am just about to presents to her this afternoon. Wish me luck.


I made her a necklace with  ABCD pictures so that when they are learning their letters and sounds, she might want to use it as a prop. Failing that, she could always hang it up somewhere and wonder at what kind of person spends their time making these things!

I made it using Shrinkles. This stuff is amazing. You just draw your picture with a permanent pen (I used Sharpies) stick it in the oven, leave it in there for about two minutes and it shrinks down by about seven times. And there you go, you have ready-made Perspex beads. Don’t forget to punch a hole in the picture before you stick it in the oven though. 

Then I used some soft Jewelry wire, some star beads and lots of time in front of RuPaul’s Drag  Race to make a wire wrapped necklace.

If she doesn’t like it, do you think it would be rude to ask for it back?!

Four me

I have been rereading the early entries to this blog and I am struck by how much and how little things have changed. For example, four years ago I started organising my crafting space. I’m still doing it it. Yes, really. But I’m nearing the end of this particular odessy…heres a preview. Give me a week or so and it should be done. Yesssssssssssss!!





Did I mention my soon-to-be-open stasherella stall? I’m committed to a week of hopefully Christmas cheer and ker-ching in equal measures. I’m in the process of working out my stock. I’m developing the ‘Stasherella Home’ collection, drawing the design on cushions, ceramics and maybe lampshades.

I’ve also got the antique quilts including this beauty

So, here I am, feeling the fear….hold my hand won’t you?

Pack hack

i always feel a bit bad about the amount of packaging Amazon wrap around my purchase so today I decided to reuse the envelope that carried Elder’s first clarinet book to us so abley. I basically covered the gatefold envelope with some paper sheets I had and then used a hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon. Dead easy but I’m now the proud owner of a portfolio to keep my sketches in. Result!


The cats meow – or, how I made a quilt

I am a great aunt. Not a ‘brilliant, super funny, laugh a minute’ great aunt, but a blade mantilla, pince nez, bath chair type of great aunt. And yesterday was my great neice’s first birthday. Now tHe first rule of quilters is ‘every baby needs a quilt’ and while a little tardy, I rose to the occasion and made (in 36 hours) this quilt….

Ok, so I did the appliqué a while ago and have been waiting for a chance to use it, and I had the vintage scalloped edge gingham for a while…but it all came together easily just as if it had been planned…just don’t tell my great (and I mean great) niece!!