How to make a fluffy goldfish bowl

As promised here are some more shots of my goldfish bowl cushion. Its going to live in brixham but is nestling on the living room sofa for now. The fish like the view and have settled in nicely. Do you want to have one in your house? Fish are so relaxing…. Here’s how I made…

Life in a goldfish bowl

Yay! A goldfish bowl cushion! I’m knackered so pictures only tonight. I’ll post details in the morning.

Light up my life

I blame the school system. There is a snail obsession chez Stitch at the moment. Elder has been learning about all manner of minibeast and Little One has been enchanted by the hoards of slimy critters revelling in our damp English summer. So I turned my hook shellwise… He’s neon and acrylic and Elder is…

Lessons in love

Elder is learning to crochet. He crotchets in bed, at breakfast, in front of the telly. A six year obsessed. I am so happy! This is his free form door handle decoration. Like? !


Something good came out of an overly long wait to see my PD Consultant yesterday, look! Made with some cheapy cheapy yarn (Galaxy) with sequins threaded on it already. Sparkly!I go to a knitting club in Stitch City and last winter everyone seemed to be making handwarmers. This is my offering, Stich Speed.

Manhattan Abbey

Well, I’ve joined my first knitting swap. A US Based one, run by Subway Knits, based on Downton Abbey. Barking mad but then isn’t that what it’s al about when you get down to it? You can read about it here. I have answered the very detailed questions and await my allocation with, it has…

Round and round the garden

Today has been one of those days when you begin to question whether karma is having a larf. I can’t bear to go into detail but it involved tantrums, impossibly tight car parking spaces, cancelled playdates, emergency dashes to doctors and the entire linen cupboard deciding to jump out to greet me. Nice. Suffice to…

Cushion the effect

I do like it when a plan comes together. Even when that plan is, shall we say hastily formed. Oh alright then, positively cobbled together. Other Half is out tonight so I determined to tidy up the workshop spare room. I told you I live close to the edge. Of course, I started rediscovering some of…

Can you see what I see?

If you were diagnosed with a degenerative disease would you want to find out about it? Would you do your research or block your ears and sing lalalala very loudly? You’ve probably guessed I’m belting out show tunes at the top of my voice. But I’m trying to engage a little more because I want…

A really practical skill

I always knew crochet would prove itself as a true life skill. Inspired by this thread on Mumsnet (thankyou Soupdragon)  look what I made tonight… Poo! I am enchanted! Pattern here