Hats off

It’s half term guys…almost Summer…last weekend was a scorcher, so much so that I scored a sun hat for £1 from a charity stall at a local fair as I was in danger of becoming a burnt offering to the sun god(s). Scroll fwd to today, rain, cold, dank. I needed a spritz of summer….

Bag a prize

I’ve raved about the wonderous http://www.bagsoflove.co.uk and their digital printing service. I’m working on some fabric designs based on my house sketches at the moment and I have played with digital florals too.  Well, they’ve just launched a competition which may be right up your alley, I know I’m having a go! The full details…

4 into 14 does go you know

It’s almost the end of April and I have been looking backwards while planning for the next chapter in my descent into Parkinsons. Does that sound depressing? Actually, it’s all quite liberating. My contemporaries are wrestling with work dilemmas and aged parental health problems while I am trying to decide what kind of artwork I…

Back to the drawing board

I’ve been stepping up my drawing and artwork and now I’ve got some designs printed as panels to make cushions with. Like?

The road less travelled

So, part two of my story…I’ve gone and got me a studio and I’ve started reviving my drawing and artistic tendencies after a career of science and financial services. At 18 I chose science, now I’ve gone back and taken the other fork. The picture above is my first studio sketch. It was so lovely…

Cotton tales

Remember Spoonflower? I designed some fabrics and had samples printed ages ago. Well, I’ve chopped them up with a view to making some sample Quilts. Here is stage one completed. I got blisters from all that cutting!

14 in 14

I am an infrequent visitor to Mumsnet but I. Stopped by this week and have been seduced by a couple of great ideas. The interesting journal52 project and a challenge to complete 14 projects in 2014. …I am an inveterate starter and a terrible finisher. This is just what I need. Here’s my plans thus…


…or mashed up (Saint) Basil… It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Log cabin decoupage

Here’s a very quick make. I got a boring plain wood small photograph frame for 99p from our local charity shop. And some free decoupage paper from a craft magazine (crafts beautiful). Instead of scattering the paper randomly however, I did it in strips in a sort of log cabin kind of pattern. I think…