up on a roof.     And on the right page.     


   the phrase ‘burning the candle at both ends’ comes to mind… The first end : I’m in the deli across the road, refuelling with French toast, sausage and egg (like yesterday), I’ve had just under four hours sleep, overcome the rank shower situation (very proud) and escaped into the Manhattan sunrise. GlamMum has way…


to Manhattan, dear reader. I am in stitch nirvana. Here. It’s in the garment district. Tick. It’s down the street from mood fabrics. Tick. It’s got a sewing machine over the entrance. TICK. it’s got the lovely Ashley behind the bar. Tick. And it has sewing kits! Zen sewing kits. TICK TICK TICK.         …


Now I have a choice here don’t I?? I could document my adventures in NYC coherently, in time order and with proper regard to the journaling process. But, hey, where’s the fun in that? No, I think I’ll document the important things….images, ideas, weird stuff I see. You can get the classic NYC images etc…


to. New. York. Yup.  That’s right. NYC here I come. I’m on a bus heading to the airport and a flight to a totally self indulgent trip hopefully filled with fabric and art and fun and good friends and food. I’ve got my sketch books and pens, I have my iPad and sweeties. All set….