Quicky sticky advent calendar

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at buying things in advance. So here I am the end of November and no advent calendar for the boys. By which of course I mean no chocolate advent calendar. So, harking back to a calendar my neighbour (Mrs Schroeder) made for me when IContinue reading “Quicky sticky advent calendar”

Deck the halls…

I’ve started my Christmas making! So far I’ve started knitting a bear for Little One and making a pretty keepsake box for a friend. Here they are…. I know it’s not much but from little acorns….. I also went to a posh garden centre yesterday and explored their Christmas shop. After picking myself up offContinue reading “Deck the halls…”

Quilt lovers’ delight

I got a parcel through the post today…want to see? I warn you, if you are a quilter you’d better settle down. I’m itching to play with these babies, vintage 1940’s blocks, with original papers attached. I’ve got a few ideas already. Watch for Christmas list developments soon…enjoy! The boat is my favourite. I’m planningContinue reading “Quilt lovers’ delight”