Top drawer

Have I mentioned my thing for drawers? I’m a bit batty about them and my ebay search is set at all times for vintage haberdashery styles, apprentice pieces and shop displays – want to see my little collection?   The tall Sylko drawers are my pride and joy, a bargain from birmingham. Anyway, why amContinue reading “Top drawer”

Take my breath away

I know that I am slightly weird about quilts. I feel so attached to them when they come to my door. However, this recent shipment has quite literally taken my breath away. Here are a a few initial pictures. I really don’t think I can sell the Schoolhouse one, it is absolutely gorgeous.

This little light…

I went to ikea today and survived. Not only that I managed to get. Stand for my up cycled lampshade. You like? It’s going in my office, to cheer me as I work. Ive also done a couple of collages fòr Stasherella. And, most excitingly, a number of my quilts are going into auction hereContinue reading “This little light…”