Cotton tales

Remember Spoonflower? I designed some fabrics and had samples printed ages ago. Well, I’ve chopped them up with a view to making some sample Quilts. Here is stage one completed. I got blisters from all that cutting!

Swatch this space

Here’s the next batch of fabrics! I need to think what to do with them but I’d be really grateful for any thoughts about which designs are the best or worse. What do you think?

This is great!

Not the picture, lthough I like it. No, the world of Spoonflower. Click on the link to the right…my designs are up although not for sale officially yet. I’m waiting for swatches to be sent through. But I’m very excited!! Any feedback gratefully accepted!

I love you Mr Postman

Because you brought me these lovely fabrics from M is for Make. She can be found here. A brilliant shop. These lovelies are destined for Christmas makes. Look at me, so organised. Or maybe just a fabric addict. You choose.

Skirting the issue

Brixham charity shops rock. I got this skirt from Sue Ryder today for £2 and have spent the evening chopping it up. Expect a post with a tutorial for making a stitchy kit bag shortly. I couldn’t however, wait to show you the fabric. Isn’t it great? 50’s stylee sewing bits and bobs. I foresee…

Oh what a beautiful morning

Just look at that lovely sunrise. How can anyone be fed up when you’ve got that to look at? I just took this while sitting on the train to Cardiff for work. I like Cardiff. I like Wales actually despite all the rubbish English jokes about it. I’m also happy because my little parcel from…