FOQ (oh, who cares, it’s been a long day)

Oh God, I hope my bank manager isn’t reading this. Me and my flexible friend had some fun today at the Festival of Quilts. Well, it’s once a year and I don’t spend cash on clothes do I? Another reason for frequenting charity shops I say. Anyway, back to the booty. What did I get?Continue reading “FOQ (oh, who cares, it’s been a long day)”

Calling Mr Tickle

I am quite excited. I’ve got tomorrow off and I’ve got tickets for the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham. Yay!! I’m on a mission. I want somebody with long arms. Specifically a longarm machine quilter. I am going to finally do something with my beautiful Tree of Life antique top I scoredContinue reading “Calling Mr Tickle”

Time travel

Goodbye to 2008 and all that… To 2008 – a pretty rough year all round. I wanted to show you the wallhanging I made for the Festival of Quilts the following year. It’s made from a variety of fabrics, cotton, calico, lace, ribbon, a baby blanket I acidentally felted in the machine. I bleached the black fabricContinue reading “Time travel”