On being a fish

I have no recollection Of this wonderful collection Of colour flashing past me. As a fish, It’s all new – as Memory cells are few And I forget… But, forgive me… Who are you? Repeat ad nauseum.


Here is a fish In my bright blue dish If he could he would wish That he wasn’t. After the last couple of days, lets be cheerful, eh? At least we aren’t in the same boat as my mackerel friend here.

How to make a fluffy goldfish bowl

As promised here are some more shots of my goldfish bowl cushion. Its going to live in brixham but is nestling on the living room sofa for now. The fish like the view and have settled in nicely. Do you want to have one in your house? Fish are so relaxing…. Here’s how I made…

Here kitty kitty

I’m a bit Sick today (for which read shaky so I apologise for the slightly fuzzy photos, I call it Parkyphotoshop effect) so I thought I’d show you Elder’s quilt what I made when he was little – a little older than Little is now. It’s my cats quilt with a little fish hiding in…