Mr Ant played Stitchopolis last night. Brilliant gig although I felt my age – the audience was the blue rinse brigade but quite literally!!


Once upon a time, in the world where poems rhyme and things work out all the time just fine, there was a girl who knew that things do fall askew Do not fit. One bit. Her friends went to balls Wore their shoes Went on dancing In halls of mirrors, used To boost the numbersContinue reading “Cracking”

Lucky dip

A busy day thus far….a successful craft show where I sold a quilt (thanks Dilly), a load of blocks and some vintage books. I also saw some good friends too. Financially good but emotionally better. How lovely to meet fellow quilt nuts and feel among friends when admitting to stroking my quilts and not wantingContinue reading “Lucky dip”

The road less travelled

So, part two of my story…I’ve gone and got me a studio and I’ve started reviving my drawing and artistic tendencies after a career of science and financial services. At 18 I chose science, now I’ve gone back and taken the other fork. The picture above is my first studio sketch. It was so lovelyContinue reading “The road less travelled”