Deck the halls…

I’ve started my Christmas making! So far I’ve started knitting a bear for Little One and making a pretty keepsake box for a friend. Here they are….



I know it’s not much but from little acorns…..

I also went to a posh garden centre yesterday and explored their Christmas shop. After picking myself up off the floor due to the faint-making prices I have got a better idea of the Look I’m going for. Basically vintage goes bright. I’m a bit over all the Scandi stuff. It’s everywhere now. I’m leaning towards bright and brash. Hurrah!!

Job front is looking quite rosy you’ll be happy to hear. Well, I was happy Believe me. Laters.

Eggs-actly what I was after

I finished the garland on Friday, just in time!! It’s the first thing that Elder has really contributed to – I’m so proud of him!! I’m also pleased with it as it’s my first time working with previously embellished fabrics and customising it. Plus I’d never made flowers before so that was fun. Here’s my creation.

I started with this....

And ended up with this-like??

And here is Elder's creation...fab, eh?

My flowers...

And mini flowers too!!

Last one...Happy Easter!!

Work work busy busy rush rush bang bang

Well here’s my Make list – it’s a work in progress as are many of these projects. I’ll add links etc as and when.

Knitted gold bag – an experiment in mixing yarns together.
Socks – any kind.
Desk skirt – assuming I don’t get a retro larder.
Lacey scarf crochet – coming along.
Japanese flower scarf – in my dreams.
Stitch this wallhanging
Easter egg garland from felt – next on the list
House cushion – cushion in the shape of a house
Appliqué folk heart sweater – a recycle project
Ripple cushion cover – I’ve done the ripple already.
Teacher ‘thankyou’ like this one


Fabric decoupage egg shells for Easter – we need one more for Little One!
Playroom buckets – satisfy my storage fetish
White quilt – to show off the quilting
Red and White quilt – I’m dreaming of this one
Feedsack quilt – restoration job.
Dear Jane – signed up to quilt u
Big sister wall hanging – I’ll explain one day
Mums stash quilt – my memory quilt
Repro hand quilt – wip
Sampler needlepoint – modern take on an old favourite
House quilt
Basket quilt
Eq7 quilt – love this software!!
Little One’s knickers – done
Japanese dress or top
Skirt a line long
Oilcloth bike basket cover
Spotty bike seat cover. See marie Clare magazine for this.
3d garden cushion with snail and butterfly


my stash does not look like this

 I’m having a clear out in anticipation of some type of storage for my sewing area. I yearn for ironed piles of fabric in pretty bundles. I actually have this:

the truth can be painful

and that’s the nice bit. I’m fantasising  about dressers, cupboards and 1950’s larders. My ebay watch list is lengthy to say the least. It’s Mother’s Day this weekend…I’ve asked to go to the Emmaus superstore near us so I’m hopeful.


So, we get to discussing behavioural patterns at knit club tonight. It was a fact universally agreed that I am not a finisher. I think I might want to rectify this. But how? I have boxes ofufo’s but I’m not too hot on reviving them before starting something new. Maybe finish one before I’m allowed to start a new idea. Maybe bin the lot….I’ll decide soon. I think.