Deck the halls…

I’ve started my Christmas making! So far I’ve started knitting a bear for Little One and making a pretty keepsake box for a friend. Here they are…. I know it’s not much but from little acorns….. I also went to a posh garden centre yesterday and explored their Christmas shop. After picking myself up offContinue reading “Deck the halls…”

Eggs-actly what I was after

I finished the garland on Friday, just in time!! It’s the first thing that Elder has really contributed to – I’m so proud of him!! I’m also pleased with it as it’s my first time working with previously embellished fabrics and customising it. Plus I’d never made flowers before so that was fun. Here’s myContinue reading “Eggs-actly what I was after”

Work work busy busy rush rush bang bang

Well here’s my Make list – it’s a work in progress as are many of these projects. I’ll add links etc as and when. Knitted gold bag – an experiment in mixing yarns together. Socks – any kind. Desk skirt – assuming I don’t get a retro larder. Lacey scarf crochet – coming along. JapaneseContinue reading “Work work busy busy rush rush bang bang”


 I’m having a clear out in anticipation of some type of storage for my sewing area. I yearn for ironed piles of fabric in pretty bundles. I actually have this: and that’s the nice bit. I’m fantasising  about dressers, cupboards and 1950’s larders. My ebay watch list is lengthy to say the least. It’s Mother’sContinue reading “destash”