thesauraus (aka: aka)

I cried today. it wasn’t bad nor was it good But I wasn’t sad. i was tired, bone weary, dipped, inert. exhausted, plain sleepy, wrung out, not alert. sonambulant, just dozy, fatigued and clapped out knackered and frazzled, my brain had checked out. if Inuit have zillions of words to mean ‘snow’ i wonder howContinue reading “thesauraus (aka: aka)”

The secret SAHM club….and other campfire tales

So, here we are at the start of the school summer holidays. These are my first ‘proper’ holidays since I left work. It’s my first year when I’ve been truly free to do what I want (with the boys of course) and, while I am as skint as a flint, I have a good roll callContinue reading “The secret SAHM club….and other campfire tales”

Out of the depths

I used to read the Tales of the Martyrs And wonder at the variety of ends They came to as they held beliefs steadfastly Defiant ’til they dropped down, spent, away. My favourite was ‘pressing’ like olive oil Life seeping out between boards With each weight added inflicting More pressure than one could endure ButContinue reading “Out of the depths”

Time management t’internet style

To Twitter. No, we are not conjugating the verb – I have dipped my toe in at last and thanks to the @mnblogger group it’s so far been an ace experience. But I can see already its an addictive vice and I’m already a risk due to Ropinerole (remind me to tell you about howContinue reading “Time management t’internet style”