I sometimes wonder whether I spend my time wisely Or whether I squander it on fripperies Of action. What is of best value Trekking the contours of a newfound adventure Unlike your feet bleed but your heart is full Or Listening to the still body echo The tiny repeating call of my bones And listeningContinue reading “Parsimony”

on realising one’s age

I wouldn’t call it a crisis More a stasis Standing still, taking stock Did I do it, did I make it Follow my path, make my dreams I was going to run the world – Bank. I was going to break the mould I did break a few – Some on purpose. But, my potential,Continue reading “on realising one’s age”


I stay up late at night: I somehow need to feel the dark. To have a space to bubble into, Rise and grow and stretch myself. But I am also lonely. Late at night is a solo shift. I should be being social, chatty. But I shrink away from that. A conundrum lies before me,Continue reading “Nocturne”

Out of the depths

I used to read the Tales of the Martyrs And wonder at the variety of ends They came to as they held beliefs steadfastly Defiant ’til they dropped down, spent, away. My favourite was ‘pressing’ like olive oil Life seeping out between boards With each weight added inflicting More pressure than one could endure ButContinue reading “Out of the depths”

Chain stitch

do you love your life Not in a cliche, tv, sleb, thoughtless way Spouting the words without moving a cell. I mean do you wonder at how it all works How blood rushes round  Turning blue as it flows How the synapses crackle and spark in the gloom And the air moves with purpose AndContinue reading “Chain stitch”