or pictures. Which is what this post is today. I did the boat sketch this morning and am thrilled with it. It looks like a boat! The photo is moss on our roof. Yup. Enjoy!        


   the phrase ‘burning the candle at both ends’ comes to mind… The first end : I’m in the deli across the road, refuelling with French toast, sausage and egg (like yesterday), I’ve had just under four hours sleep, overcome the rank shower situation (very proud) and escaped into the Manhattan sunrise. GlamMum has way…


So, I’ve been doodling … Here are some…


A quick project…. Plain wood frame from the charidee spruced up with fabulous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and blue lace washi tape round the outside edge. The little sketch was too small so I made an inner frame from some craft paper to hide the edges. Voila!!!


The end of the holidays draws near, a few days left. We had a day in Torquay watching powerboats and introducing Little One to fairgrounds, in particular the dodgems. He’s a demon btw.

signed by Stasherella

A new venture…illustration to order…here’s a proof from an invitation I’m designing for a 50th birthday party. This digital art lark is FUN! if you know anybody who wants bespoke graphics for similar events, Stasherella will oblige 🙂