14 in 14


You’ve gotta love Mumsnet…the clever Arts and Crafts regulars have set up a challenge where we try to complete 14 projects in 2014. Now you guys know my ability to start 14,000 projects a week so the challenge for me is to FINISH them too. Here’s the list

1) crochet handwarmers – I’m halfway through these
2) keyrings for my etsy shop – the idea is there, the prototype is setting now
3) journal52 art folder l
4) upcycling a vintage quilt top I have into a proper, finished quilt
5) upcycling an old chair for my craft room/office
6) do an oil painting I can hang in my house
7) draw/write a comic
8) knit a shrug from a Rowan pattern I have just bought
9) make a gingerbread house
10) learn life drawing
11) Learn how to spin yarn
12) weave my own fabric
13) print my own fabric
14) learn Lino printing

I’ll update this page each month to show what I’ve done thus far. Come back end of January and see how I’ve started off.


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