Time’s a tickin’

tick tock

If i lined up all the minutes I spend on the iPad, rubbish Sky reality shows (sister wives anyone?!), my iPhone and t’internet in general I could crochet a motorway. Probably. I could at least plan it. I seem to split my time between chores, work and messing about online. I used to read. I try to stitch. I don’t want to waste time – it’s a finite resource. But you get so tired. It’s easy to play on blogs, surf tutorials. You understand. These couple of days looking after Little One have been great tbh. More time. More space. More hugs. The point of this post? Perhaps I’m questioning how I spend my time. Not superficially but more fundamentally. There are two levels here – how much time do I have before things get ‘fun’ with the PD and how do I make the most of the time i have with the boys? Not mutually exclusive. At all.


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