100 posts!

To celebrate 100 blogs I was all set to post a blindingly witty treatise on how meaningful this blog has become to disease ridden me. After tonight I say bollocks to that.

I’ve been to my nieces hen night and observed mother/daughter relations first hand. I learnt this

I’m Blessed to have my boys
They’ll grow up eventually
They’ll leave home and drink shots
And gossip

Suits me

Happy blogaversary !!


2 responses to “100 posts!”

  1. Funny coincedence, but the next post I will do on my blog will also be the 100th. When I started back in January I tohught getting to 100 posts would be a really bit deal, and yet now, it doesn’t feel like anything that big or momentous. So what if I’ve written 100 posts, big deal to that.

    I agree about the boys though, suits me just fine too!

    Happy blogaversary. Keep on blogging.


    1. Ah, but you have done LOTS of projects! I will never get to your productivity levels!!


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