Heavens above


View from the flat. The most dramatic rainbow. Oh, it was lovely.


4 responses to “Heavens above”

  1. We’ve seen some cracking rainbows over the breakwater, including one that was – to my endless bafflement – straight up. We see lots because a) it rains a lot round ‘ere, and b) we spend a lot of time boozing in the Yacht Club, with it’s wonderful wide windows overlooking this same view!

    I’m on the other side. This is the view from my front door:
    Windmill Hill, Brixham


  2. Gorgeous photo, you have a fantastic view from your flat.


    1. Yes, we’re v lucky. You can watch the ships and boats coming in and out all day. Which I am because Little One is ill. 😦


  3. Today is a good day to be sitting by the window. Incredibly clear out there – I’ve only seen Lyme Bay so clearly about 4 times in all the 7 years we’ve been here.


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