Waiting no more

Remember this post? Sadly, I’m out of the waiting room but leaving alone. I can’t say anymore as everyone deserves their privacy but I just wanted to give an update. Wish I didn’t have to tbh. Life is short, truly. Let’s make it as sweet as we can.

4 responses to “Waiting no more”

  1. I’m truly sorry to hear that. Even though you intimated that it was inevitable, it’s always a shock when it actually happens, and the waiting doesn’t make the grief any easier.


  2. Worried. Just need to let you need to know I’m thinking about you.
    (Just got back from time away dealing with a dear, ancient [90 years old], uncle’s death.)
    You OK?
    Let me know if I can help.


    • I’m ok but thank-you so much. We r looking after the most affected family member. V sorry to hear about yr uncle. As my sister used to pray ‘let the petrol {perpetual} light shine upon him’. Trying to grab that silver lining…..


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