In memorium


Those of you who subscribe to this collection of ramblings (thank you, I remain amazed you do, but thank you) will hopefully know by now I use humour as a way of articulating sometimes difficult subjects.

I’ve replaced my original post today because, without being mawkish, the death of Steve Jobs deserves a proper comment. So here we go…

I was surprised by my reaction when I heard the news on Radio 4 early this morning. I actually shed a few tears. Why? I didn’t know him.

Because he was the epitome of lateral thinking, of confidence in understanding before we did what we wanted, of imaginative and engaging communication, of nerve.

He sold techy gadgets and yet Obama is eulogising him, strangers are writing passionate praise.

Doesn’t that say volumes about not only our respect for a truly original thinker but also how emotionally connected we are now to technology, to networks, to ‘stuff’. And volumes about his insight into how we are developing as a race.

He will be missed not only by Apple, techy types and the humble iPhone addict but by those of us who try to live outside the box on a daily basis. It’s easy to go with the flow. Maybe a fitting tribute is to kick against existing banality just that little bit harder.



One response to “In memorium”

  1. So sad. If it hadn’t been for Steve Jobs I would never have used a computer – back then, dreadful, scary black and green things, spewing code. A complete mystery to my artistic mind! The Mac won me over in the late 80s, and was the key factor in my employment for the next two decades.
    Can’t thank him enough. He certainly changed my life, for the better.


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