House!! Sewing swap Part 2

I am a proponent of Slow Stitching. I enjoy the journey and always tend towards detail and handwork. Which brings me to the sewing swap I took part in recently on I just can’t stop myself spending hours and hours on these projects. But I love it. And so to the reveal…


Here it is all wrapped up. But what is it?! Well…


It’s a fold-out sewing box! Construction was a challenge I must admit and I learnt a lot during its design but I’m really pleased with it. Want to see some details?





The roof nearly killed me and it’s not perfect but hey, it’s a new design! I posted it off to Miss Blossom on Monday. Hopefully she’s got it now….if not, then I hope she’s not reading this!!!!


11 responses to “House!! Sewing swap Part 2”

  1. Gosh! Love the roof! Well done!


    1. Thanks! I keep telling myself the wonkyness adds to its, Ahem, rustic charm!


  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Really love it, you are so clever. Made as a softer structure that would make a lovely toy for children.


    1. Thanks? DS1 has put his order in 🙂


      1. I meant ! Not ? Btw


  3. I had puzzled with your earlier “sneak peak” as to what you were making……. it is so gorgeous, what a fun, useful & Kind swap (According to BBC 1 news, it is Kindness Day) She will be over the moon with all the hard work you have put in to it.


  4. I love all the little details on it, a v cute little house


  5. butterflyexperience Avatar

    Very pretty!
    Most impressed 🙂


  6. […] darling sewing box house was created by Stich This just for giving away! If it were mine I couldn’t bear to part with it. She talks in this post […]


  7. It is just gorgeous, you have put so much effort into that!


    1. Thanks! I enjoyed making it so much!


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