Reasons to be cheerful


1. The Smiths on Spotify
2. Making my train connection (just)
3. Finding a vineyard in Reading!!!!


6 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful”

  1. Ah, Reading! Driving in from M4 Junction 10, ‘Rose Kiln Lane’ always got my creative juices flowing. Are we ‘kilning’ roses here? Making exotic potpourri? Or, was it someone CALLED Rose, who happened to own a kiln?… Now I’m retired, I miss all these musings.


  2. You know, I think that was Junction 11? The central one.


    1. Yup. The middle junction’ll get you to that particular endearingly named road quickest. I can never remember the numbers of the junctions, though. And I don’t know the story behind the name; I daresay it’s Googlable, but the reality might be disappointing (a bit like the road itself).


  3. Which bit of Reading was that in? Quite some find. I wonder if they make anything quaffable… I know of one near Beenham, but that’s way too rural to describe as “Reading” on anything except an envelope.


    1. It was Theale, business park hell and home of Wines Direct or Laithwaites as I know them. I was quite impressed, they’d even planted the obligatory rose bush at the end of each line.


      1. Wow. That’s very relevant planting. I have been to Theale’s business park. Once. I recall it being fairly labrynthine. I have driven past it many more times.


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