This used to be a table


Look at this! They’ve taken the tables off all the seats on my train. How mindless. Where does your coffee go? How do you work? Way to go Great Western. F minus for understanding customer needs. Grrrrrr.


4 responses to “This used to be a table”

  1. I can’t understand that. Those little fold-down tables were/are surprisingly useful.


  2. That is horrendous! I can’t believe it! Where do you put your sandwiches and can of cider? (I used to get the bus back from Newton Abbot!)


    1. Don’t get me started. I had to give up my return seat for a bike!!!!!


      1. That conjures up all sorts of unlikey images. As I recall, the rail network is quite fussy about how, when and where you can carry a bike on a train. Seats are not, usually, involved. However, my overwhelming memory of taking my bike on a train is of carrying an unweildy steel ladies racer up many, many steps to cross the lines; it was the final straw. After that, I got a gents’ bike, with the far more sensible straight cross bar – and the extra, rather useful, bonus of being big enough for me and my long legs!


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