Granny’s playroom


This weekend has been a vintage frenzy of sorts. I’m in the middle of revamping a few garments but in the meantime I thought you’d be interested (maybe) in the crochet palace that is the playroom.

I found this blanket today. It finishes off the sofa in the playroom. Shame I have to wade thru a sea of toys to get to it. What a good job you can crop photos.

Oh, I’ve finished my recipe book!!!!! It’s being printed now. V excited.


It looks very different to the original….


2 responses to “Granny’s playroom”

  1. love the colours in the granny blanket! can’t wait to see the finished recipe book!


    1. I’m hoping it’s going to be good…delivery by 23 December. I like a deadline 🙂


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