Granny’s playroom


This weekend has been a vintage frenzy of sorts. I’m in the middle of revamping a few garments but in the meantime I thought you’d be interested (maybe) in the crochet palace that is the playroom.

I found this blanket today. It finishes off the sofa in the playroom. Shame I have to wade thru a sea of toys to get to it. What a good job you can crop photos.

Oh, I’ve finished my recipe book!!!!! It’s being printed now. V excited.


It looks very different to the original….


  1. Christine says:

    love the colours in the granny blanket! can’t wait to see the finished recipe book!


    1. quarkee says:

      I’m hoping it’s going to be good…delivery by 23 December. I like a deadline 🙂


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