Blah, blah, blah

Reader, I finished it. The recipe book. Yay! There’s one typo I’ve since found but my interpretation (ahem) of the multi generational collection of cooking lore is bring printed by Elves as we speak. Hush, let’s not disturb them.

The point of this post is not however, to demonstrate my current state of nervous fragility (how many sleeps to go now, Mummy?). No, I want to sing some praises.

I used Blurb to make my book and it was utterly brilliant! I kept it simple and used the Hosted software as I didn’t want to download anything. It’s the most basic package but my goodness it works. I haven’t seen the hard copy yet but I treated myself to an ebook and it’s fab.

All you do is import the pictures, arrange them using the templates, choose styles, text, look etc and Bob’s Your Uncle. Brilliant. Not cheap for hard copy but ebooks are very reasonable. I’ll report back when I get my parcel but thumbs up so far.



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