Spatial awareness

You may have noticed that the normal laws of physics are routinely broken around about Christmas time. Why is it that the kids’ stockings which you checked just last….January….appear to have increased in volume? Why is there an inversely proportional relationship between paper available and size of gift to be wrapped?  Why do all those presents seem to get smaller once wrapped? Why do I always run out of wine?!


Anyway, happy Christmas everyone. I’m entering the Festive Zone. I may be gone some time.


2 responses to “Spatial awareness”

  1. have just cleared away for the umpteenth time today after son’s 31st birthday! how did he get older than me I am only 19! Visitors all day & now every bed taken, son & daughter & partners. friends calling in & still no headway into obscene stores of food & drink. 8 for dinner Christmas day & various beds changing over several days. Just logged on as I had email withdrawel can’t spell ….very very tired, have a happy Christmas & all good wishes for 2012 xxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  2. Re. the stockings… it must be because their feet have grown. Of course.


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