Sshhh…stitch ideas forming


Stitch Towers is turning into a bit of a specialist library. I blame it on Mary Portas. Ever since her foray into charidee shops the quality of books at our local shop has been on the up, and it was pretty darn good anyway. Either that of the good citizens of Stich City have given up on handicrafts en masse. Either way, there’s rich pickings. Look at my groaning shelves.

Today’s prize is a book by the wonderful Val Campbell-Harding called Fabric Painting for Embroidery. It’s fantastic and was a whopping £1.60!!! I should resell on AMazon shouldn’t I?

VCH is totally inspirational and was hugely influential in Stitch circles. I stumbled across her stuff when I did a C&G Machine Embroidery course a few years ago (online, with this lovely lady). I’ve got a few of her books now. OK, lots. Anyway, I said I wanted to extend my stamping range and am planning some textile shennanigans inspired by VCH.

Quite when is anybody’s guess. But then you knew that, didn’t you.


One response to “Sshhh…stitch ideas forming”

  1. Love VCH – & her lovely book Machine Embroidery, she gives you confidence to have a go! Have you seen this ladies work. She used to teach at Gloscol, Francis Pickering


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