Inspiration station

In the immortal words of Maria von Trapp, ‘let’s start at the very beginning….a very good place to start’
 So let’s think about how you start off with a new project or skill. What kind of craftrix are you? How can you use new fangled gubbins to speed you on your creative path? Today I think about the Eager Beavers amoungst us.
Do you have the experience/confidence/chutzpah to wing it? If so, you’ll want to go straight to inspirational sources, to where you can get that initial spark that will propel you to new heights. I bet you don’t follow patterns either do you?!
This is where blogs and digital magazines come into their own IMHO. Which blogs do I feed off? Well, my sister site StitchThis has a load of links on the sidebar that you might like. I am a tart I admit it, I skip around  all over the place. I’m loving this lady at the moment – devestating use of puns too – always a winner.
My latest magazine love is the craft section of Zinio. oh its dangerous….I just got my favourite inspirational mag, Marie Claire Idees for the IPad – bliss.
Another addiction is Pinterest – i think its ace but some people think its pointless. Its basically an e-pinboard where you pin inspirational and highly diverting pictures. My place is here.
My final offering is the variety of Apps you can access that provide Stitchy eye candy. My tfavourites include this one from the V&A covering their recent (well, last year or so) quilt exhibition. My sister gave it to me and it provides solace when I am missing my quilts.  And this one covering an incredible exhibition at the American Folk Museum. It’s free and it’s amazing.
I hope that’s useful. Next time I’ll think abou tutorials, courses and other more guided paths to crafty inspiration.

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  1. […] it comes to stitching I’m more than happy to be starting a new school every now and again. Inspiration  is a fine thing but technique translates that fabulous idea into the real thing. I find learning a […]


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