Shallow waters

People blog for so many different reasons. Some want to Write, some want toa Emote, some have an Issue? There’s no right or wrong, just different motivations. I think I’m in the shallow waters…I started this blog because I wanted to remember. I have always wanted to keep a diary and this is the longest I’ve ever managed. It’s been an eventful couple of years. I’m glad I’ve got this to look back on. What now though? I said I was decluttering my life. Is a blog clutter. Is it unnecessary? Perhaps. I’ve decided to kill off the sister blog, I-stitch.  It’s unnecessary tbh so best to cauterise it now. Onwards and upwards. Onwards and upwards. 


6 responses to “Shallow waters”

  1. You newsy notes & pictures always make me smile + the lovely ideas you keep coming up with….. well they make me smile too…..
    Glad I will see you again!


  2. Hello!
    I came here after reading a comment on Mumsnet, thought I’d bob by and have a little peek about and say hello! I totally agree with you re “blogging to remember”, it’s the reason I keep going four years on.
    right, off to have a little lookie at your blog…….
    love Lucexxxxxxxxxx


    1. Rushes around clearing up mess and plumping cyber cushions…

      I hope MN comment was a nice one! Id be interested in what you think of my corner of blog land …


  3. Is a blog clutter? It does’t take up physical space, so it’s probably better than an old-fashioned diary. Maybe, if it bothers you (and I think your blog is fine as it is – it’s like catching up with a friend 🙂 ), you could try restricting your bogging, either by time, or by subject.


    1. Not actual clutter no, but it can be a distraction. I-stitch wasn’t getting the attention from me it deserved (like my plants poor things) so is rather stick with this little patch. V happy you like a catch up…the best thing about doing this blog has been the new friends I’ve made, definately.


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