Come together…

So, the house is quiet and empty after a whirlwind visit by my sisters, offspring and the chaos that adding my two monkeys creates. They left today and ELder and Little One are at Sports Camp and Nursery respectively. Me? I’m slurping noodles over a hasty lunch, deeply regretting hanging out the washing as, 2 minutes later, the heavens went black and hail bounced off my lovely sheets. That was just after a pigeon pooped over the first sheet I hung up. My reaction? Unprintable.

Anyway, it was lovely to see everyone, we don’t get together very often unfortunately. We stayed up way too late and drank too much wine but hey, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Why am I telling you all this? Well, after 2 years of blogging I FINALLY got round to telling them of my nom de plume and alternative life…can’t quite believe it’s been that long, can you? This was quite big decision actually as I liked my anonymity but on the other hand it seemed a little weird not to say anything, especially as this blog has grown and developed. If you blog, do you have a cloak of invisibility or do you stand unmasked? I’d love to know your reasons either way.

I see this as a step towards my uncluttered state – two personae rather than one? No thanks. Come together, indeed.

In other news I have been asked to be a contributor to a national healthblog to witter on about Uncle Parkinsons. How exciting! You can tell I don’t get out much (apart from the 2.30am chatting session with my Sisters of course). Again, I see this as drawing my two lives together a little closer.

I have also confessed my photo-less state to my friend so hope to be able to post pics of my cushion at some point. Don’t hold your breath, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any blue faces, you know my speed setting is stuck at sllloooowwwwwww!!!!


5 responses to “Come together…”

  1. Ah. My cloak of invisibility was rather thin to start with, and slips quite often (especially since I made my big “I’ve got Parkinson’s” announcement on FaceBook).

    But, then, there’s the Other Blog, which uses my real name – but which I deliberately set up on a rival blog site in an attempt to confuddle people who might not know my dual identity…

    Good luck with the TalkHealth blog (not, I am sure, that you will need it).


    1. how was the Facebook reveal? I haven’t got the bottle yet. Well done.


      1. I got lots of genuine sympathetic responses – and BWP got it’s highests stats (270 hits that day). It rarely gets referred to in conversation (people wait for me to bring up the subject), but people do talk – people I haven’t told often know already. Now, at least I know that most people who now me are aware of the issue and I don’t feel obliged to either skirt around it or launch into a great big explanation. My announcement coincided with me setting up my JustGiving page for the sponsored walk which basically gave me a reason to tell everybody.


  2. What a wonderful photograph! Makes me think of ‘The Road Less Traveled’…


    1. I need to read that….


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