Last bit!

I never posted the final pictures of what I made, did I? A lacy neck-warmer for Lady Sybil to wear when being chauffeured around by her beau. Topped off with a flowery brooch and lined with chiffony stuff to give it some body. It was made from Rowan baby bamboo – silky!





5 responses to “Last bit!”

  1. Beautiful. And bamboo feels so lovely as a processed fibre; it’s quite remarkable when you consider the raw material.


    1. It splits like anything when you’re knitting with it. You have to be really careful. I should make a panda with it shouldn’t I?!?!?!


      1. That (the panda) would be apt. I didn’t know bamboo was difficut to work – all the more kudos to you for making the neck warmer look so good.


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