Innocuous, non? Little did you know that these fine examples of rain sodden footwear belong to Stitchopolis’ newest band of renegades. Corralled together by the wonderful Dillytante you are witness to our first joint yarn bombing….soggy, yes but excellent fun and definitely addictive. Want to see what we got up to?

I’ve been a little distracted recently as I’ve written about here so I finished my pieces on the train, drawing confused commuter stares all the way. They must have dispared for my sanity as I sat there trying to thread ribbons in the tiny space that First Great Western allows you in standard class. So here are my creations…be kind, I’m new to this.

This is my music monster (there’s a music festival on round here), complete with flower in her hair. And below is my magic wand/conductor’s baton with the slogan ‘music is magic’, well it is isn’t it?!

Not the neatest but hey, I did it in about 2 hours! Here’s Dilly’s fruity Pick Your Own masterpiece and Gorgia’s lovely star spangled cozy…plus some more shots of the bombing in situ. We covered the bollards in front of the local Town Hall. I checked this morning, they were still there. Honest citizens in Stitchopolis, eh? For more pictures go to Dilly’s blog here. Her pictures will no doubt be far more adept than my snaps.

. What a blast! Roll on the next one!!

UPDATE: 4 days on and the cozies survive! We’ve had a really positive response from our Bombee too. Fab!!


2 responses to “Bombed”

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