20 minute dash




Some folk like to savour shopping. They happily wander from rack to rack, trying on everything. Some folk obviously have got themselves way better organised than me. I had a 20 minute ‘me time’ today and I chose to do a mad dash to the local charity ostensibly to drop stuff off but obviously I had to have a look around. It’s my duty. They’d go under without me.

I now know I can do a lot of damage in less than 20 minutes. These photos only show a portion. The blue ditsy print is a skirt but I think it will soon be dismembered. So I’m kitted out for my summer holidays for less than £30 and it’s all quali-dee stuff. I am not a label freak but brands like Phase Eight and Hobbs are always worth a shot. Also a Disney Snow White dress, sadly not for me. My friend’s little girl will however, be a happy chicky.

Anyway, that’s today. Not very deep nor meaningful but a little bubble gum is good for the soul, non?




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