Mixing my media


The boys and I had a Making Day yesterday. They made cars out of an old pair of boxes. Unfortunately said boxes turned out to be the irreplaceable packaging to a very rare model car belonging to Other Half. Oh dear. But they did make good cars. Which is just as well really.

Little One and I also did sticky pictures. I’ve recently started drawing again inspired by a friend who showed me her sketchpad recently. I did Art at school along with the Physics but fell out of the habit of drawing. Anyway I’m trying to do a bit now and again just for fun. Which it is. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is. Anyway over the weekend I did a quick sketch of the breakwater at Brixham. So I decided to have a go at mixed media, collage and digital editing.

Et voila! It’s a bit rubbish but it’s a start. I used tissue paper and fabric for the collage and then took a picture and went on to play with the ArtSet app and a bit of photoshop. I can see some interesting possibilities. I might get a bit boring about all this I’m afraid.

All in all it was a good day. Pottering, sticking, shouting (them) and tidying (me). I like an unplanned messing about day. How about you?


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