All change


Did I mention I was busy? I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting on my blog. Sorry. But I’ve got to the point where every single evening I now have in my diary what I’m going to do. Is that mad? I don’t care. It works.

Tonight I had a night off because the weather stopped me from going to yoga. So I made elders birthday invitations. My phone is overloaded and so won’t take Pictures. I’ll try and get some tomorrow. Birthday season looms. God knows what kind of cake I’m going to make this time.

I’m also trying to get organised. The office is almost habitable again. Almost. Only this time I’m going through all my fabrics properly. It’s a mammoth task. There will be quite a few Stasherella Additions before I opened up shop properly I can tell you.

And the world of work has got more complicated. I have taken on another role (very part-time) which will be interesting if not massively financially rewarding. Good experience and I’m building my portfolio career.

Finally, the last piece in my new wall of Gainful activity is my creative work. I am still waiting for my Fabric. You will hear as soon as I do get them! I’ve been sketching away like a lunatic too. Not quite sure what to do with all the pictures yet. We’ll see.

So, there’s me. Sorry if I’ve been a little self-absorbed recently. That’s what January is like isn’t it? Resolutions and change. Well, that’s certainly the case this year.


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