Back to the drawing board

So, I’ve been having lots of fun with digital drawing as you know. So I thought I would go back to the drawing board literally and have just received through the post a very exciting set of six artists pens. I’m actually going to put pen to proper paper! I saw a children’s art program this week which inspired me to do this. I am not very hopeful about the quality of what I will produce, but, it will be fun to go back to my youth.

The other main happening over the last couple of days has been My inauguration of a ladies business club. I have any few friends who are starting up their own businesses and instead of a breakfast club we are now going to have a bedtime club I.e. the children have gone to bed – time club. The first meeting is in a few weeks time but the idea is that we get together, support each other, have a drink, do some work, and generally be highflying executives around my kitchen table. What’s not to like?



One response to “Back to the drawing board”

  1. How exciting! Good luck – with the pens and the business club – and all of your various businesses, of course.


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