Chasing my tail


Reader, I’ve taken too much on. This delightful doggie is here to remind me that life is not about chasing my tail. Changes are afoot. Bear with me. However, stitch this is safe. Phew!


5 responses to “Chasing my tail”

  1. what a picture, look at all that love & trust in the eyes & you are so right live in the moment & enjoy the day & dare I say it ……take time to smell the roses x


  2. Taken too much on? I know the feeling. I hope you work out which are the most important.

    Lovely picture, by the way.


  3. Nice blog theme: Zap of red with zen of seashore. Nicely done! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your interest.–M.


    1. Thanks! I play with the themes quite a lot but I do like this one 🙂


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