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We went to a completely lunatic birthday party yesterday – 30 children running riot in a wood armed with nerf guns. It was brilliant.

Elder and i were particularly taken by the bullets with Velcro on the tips – Stingers or scratchers or something. Anyway, come to this morning, we decided to make our own. Plus target. And this is what we came up with.

The target is a piece of cardboard covered in green stuff that I had lying around anyway. It was going to be a road for the boys but I never made the road. No change there then.

I glued felt on to it in a vaguely target like manner. Elder added his designs too as you can see.

We moved onto the bullets themselves. I had some sticky back Velcro from a previous project. So I cut strips off the hook side and made crosses on the end of the bullets that didn’t already have the Velcro on it. Really easy and quick.

And then you have it. A quick target set for your nerf gun toting offspring.Ideally removing the temptation for the boys to shoot their mothers in the bottom.

Well, almost.


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