I’ve just been retreading last years posts…my, I witter don’t I? But, in amongst the banter there are memories, sweet and sour. And that’s why I started this blog. As an insurance against oblivion, a way of letting the boys know who I was/am.

It may sound maudlin but I’m an ex goth, the baroque appeałs.

I’ve had trials and tribulations this year and, I think, crossed a PD boundary into illness you can’t just laugh off. I think I’ve figured that this is real. I’m certainly grumpy enough.

Anyway, I’m glad I started it. Now, bed, now. Really.



One response to “Retread”

  1. No one can really understand, unless they have walked in the same shoes. Your blog is many things, mostly fun, crafty, pictures of jaunts with the family.
    Informative, inspiring………sad & more. A pretty goon balance, ups & downs……your life!,


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