Freshly pressed (not)

I try very hard not to give a halfpenny’s worth about what others think of my blog…I started this as a diary so that when I go doolally I have a way of remembering what I could do. And for my boys to know my real voice, not the mother who snarls about dripping towels. But, everyone likes a little recognition. Now, wordpress recognise by their Freshly Pressed showcase. I’ve never ever thought I’d scale such giddy heights, never aspireded to it. Which, on reflection is strange because I am quite competitive in RL. anyhow, I wasn’t thinking about it until DonCharisma came up with his ingenious idea here. But I wasn’t on his list….nooooooooooo. So I emailed and now I am anointed. Hurrah.

I nominate two blogs: Blogging with Parkinson’s and High and Tight in Brixham...both cool, strong, independent women. Read and the go off and DO. Anything. Just don’t let life pass you by.

And I have to mention Freshly Pressed. I would like to be featured so I could see what effect it actually has on your stats. I’d like to see whether you get longer lasting fame or whether it’s fleeting. I don’t really care about validation – how can you validate someone else’s perspective on an event you weren’t present at? You can’t. But you can gauge others’ enjoyment Of said perspective. I’d like to see what FP does to my little graphs.

Anyway, my taffeta is getting creased and the bubbles are running low. I will stumble away from my manufactured chicken portion, warm wine and rumpled napkin. Award season dies away but the glow bestowed by charisma remains….schlaf gut.


3 responses to “Freshly pressed (not)”

  1. Part of me is curious about Freshly Pressed on stats as well but what happens to your stats 6 months after being featured is. I dont think you can rely on being featured as being the only source of traffic and readers


  2. Congrats, warm regards dc


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