A room of one’s own

I’ve been absent from this blogging malarkey for a while and I’m very sorry. To say it’s been busy here at stitch towers is a massive understatement…where to start…

Both boys had their birthdays in the last fortnight…superheroes and laser tag parties ensued. The former a proper, old fashioned, parlour games type of affair. The latter a production line, abdication of responsibility piece. And both marvellous. Must do the thankyou cards….

Then we’ve finished the kitchen after about EIGHT weeks work…I have a floor again! And I’m trying to start a new business venture. Again.

And then big news is I’ve found and signed for a proper studio, yes! I will have dedicated time and space. I cannot wait. Truly.




One response to “A room of one’s own”

  1. Wow, a proper studio! (Not an office pretending to be a studio like mine?!)
    I can’t wait to hear what your new venture is!


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