Stitchy shopping


To Totnes…my favourite shopping venue. Home of strange piercings, indie shops and drool worthy street food. People still stitch in Totnes so there are proper fabric shops, yes, dressmaking shops. And my favourite clothier and handbag emporium Stolen from Susie/susie and me is just about to open a new shop. Hurrah. And then I found Social Fabric..the pictures say it all…lovely home of workshops, ravelry downloads (my choice is the sari cardi) and friendly staff. I’m a fan.


3 responses to “Stitchy shopping”

  1. Birmingham isnt served brilliantly by yarn and fabric stores, especially in the city centre. There’s a Coates concession in the HOF, couple of fabric shops in Mosley, Hall Green and Solihull, and that’s pretty much it. However we do have Festival of Quilts in August, which allows for stash building, and finding places you’d never have found otherwise that allows for that all important “touch” factor


    1. Loving FOQ – I used to work in brum, the bullring market threw up some finds too…


      1. Ah yes, forgot about the market! I’m not in there often enough….


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