Up the road again

I’m sitting at Taunton Deane services eating a brownie (sorry weight watchers) and musing on the last most memorable time I was here…a couple of years ago we were trailing a new dinghy home when the trailer wheel blew and we got stranded on the M5. The boys were little so Other Half drove us to said service station before going back to the trailer and boat to wait for the cavalry. We were in TD for about three to four hours so I know every square inch of it well. I also recognise the staff, the same ones I spent most of my time apologising to as Little One went on a rampage thru the WH Smiths, tiny mitts grabbing all the shiny STUFF!!!! And here we are now, LO starts school in a few weeks, my life has changed immeasurably, we no longer have that dinghy and the prices have gone even higher at the coffee shop here (the latter is almost impossible to believe I know but it’s true, I may have to extend my mortgage).

Why the musing? I’m  reading a book (The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel) that I got for pennies on the Kindle store. I’m only a couple of chapters in but it is very thought provoking – basically it’s her story of how she moved away from modern pressures etc to a Tom and Barbara ‘good life’ and the premise is increasingly appealing to me….what is truly important in life, I mean truly? Is is the rampaging 2 yo or is it the shiny packages and racking that he found soooooo attractive al that time ago? I’m voting little terror. But then you knew I would. didn’t you?!


2 responses to “Up the road again”

  1. I’ve had big life moments at TD, too. Our house purchase completed while we were having lunch there (good job as we were halfway there with all our belongings!) Went on one of the massage chairs there to relieve my bad back that turned out to be something more sinister… ooh, can feel a topic for a short story coming on!


  2. […] able to curl up and read a bit including Finishing my simple life book as discussed in an earlier post. And on my return I’ve gone all ‘baking baby’ and tried a new recipe for quick […]


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