nuts (and bolts)


I’m pondering resolutions…why we make them, whether I will this year, you know, the usual drill…and it occurs to me that my life is pretty well stuck together after a pretty hard year. Yay. But it’s just stuck together with tape, duck tape holds us together (literally in some cases) … My aim this year is to replace the temporary, emergency bindings with more permanent fastenings. I have made massive changes this year, now it’s time to bed them in. Don’t worry, it won’t be boring, I won’t go all sensible on you. But I will be nailing down the progress made securely so we don’t slip back and forget what is important.

Happy Boxing Day guys. Have a lovely Christmas break and see you in the New Year with high hopes, tidy office (hmmmmm) and another to do list. Enjoy 😉


3 responses to “nuts (and bolts)”

  1. Working on something similar here 🙂


    1. Cool. What say you to a meet up one January day?!


      1. I say yes, sounds like a good idea!


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