Il pleut

How much rain can fall in a night?
If it pours down
Will we be washed Up?
As flood levels rise
And we rub our tired eyes
Will ducks paddle past our tea cups?

Is Noah our hero to yearn for
An action man armed with an oar
Will brollies and gumboots be top of the list
When the fashion police come to call?

For it seems rain is a daily occurrence
It’s always at least a bit damp
The laundry takes weeks to dry out now
I hear Ararat’s the best place to camp.

I hope all my putty’s in place tho
My home sits defending me here
I have after all moved to safety
In my houseboat I’ve nothing to fear

Is a barge a step far tho I wonder
Have I overreacted again
Well I might have I grant you
But really
I’ve always been slightly in Seine.


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