To Legoland…

yes, Legoland. In mid August. Without pre booking. Yes, mad I know. And was it fun? Is fun the right adjective to use? Well…yes really, on the whole it was pretty good. The best bits weren’t The rides, they came with massive queues : the impressive Miniville was The winner. Little One was completely entranced, especially by the Scottish train that visited various stations including Edinburgh, the Highland Games and I think, Loch Ness. In this age of tablets, screens and apps it was blardy marvellous to see him get completely over excited by a bunch of plastic blocks. Impressive plastic blocks but blocks nevertheless. And we made out own models too. little one made a tower, for which read a tall pile of blocks. He was thrilled.

Which sort of made up for the second mortgage we needed to pay for the whole thing.


6 responses to “Block”

  1. First off, I love Princess Uni-Kitty! We’ve got her Cloud Cuckooland playset here at home and it’s a fave of ours! Secondly, this is a seriously fun read! Hoping our crew will get to visit LegoLand as well! 😀


    1. I’m a bit of a unikitty fan I must admit…she’s on my mantelpiece looking down at me as I type! Thanks for your lovely comment!

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      1. You’re very welcome! And that’s a fab place for UniKitty! 😀

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  2. Our family vist to Legoland Windsor (paid for largely with Nectar Points a year or two ago) also had miniville as a major highlight. Queues? I don’t even like rides (in fact, I *really* don’t like rides), so the only queue I was in was the one to leave the furthest car park at closing time. Fortunately, for complicated reasons, we took two cars and the children had elected to travel with daddy, so it was just me, the CD player and a sketchbook… (yes, there was time for sketching).


    1. Impressed! I did a quick one of miniville but nothing much … How r u?

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      1. Did you know you can see Windsor Castle from Legoland?
        Me, I’m OK. Mervyn Peake Awards tomorrow. Back in the studio for three days of “Open” at the weekend. Hope I sell more than one 50p postcard!


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