So tonight, I went out with friends for dinner. And we went to the (posh) pub.

So far so good. Problem was, there was a guy there who was obviously mentally distressed/disturbed. And he decided to come and sit with me and asked me to call the police “for him”.

 Everybody thought he was drunk, thought he was being difficult, but I thought he was asking for help. In fact, I thought he knew he was going to do something stupid. And he was looking for help. And I was terrified. He was standing behind me, behind my chair. And I couldn’t see him. I didn’t know what he was going to do. Now I know I get stressed. I get paranoid. I can’t help it  But he knew that he was capable of hurting. And he didn’t want to. So we had to help him.

SAnd the landlord of the pub was worse than useless, he didn’t want to cause any trouble. In the end, we had to get him to call the police because that’s what the guy wanted and that’s what he needed. But the worst thing is that he will probably be on the streets by now, with no help from any of the agencies. He’s out there, and he needs help.
So, I came early, because it kind of put a downer on things. And now I can’t stop thinking about him. Where is he now? Somewhere safe.  I hope. 


3 responses to “call”

  1. Oh, golly, poor guy. Disturbing for you. Do you think he thought he was dangerous to other people?


    1. Yes, I do. So sad. I’m home ok. Lord knows how he is.


  2. That must be so scary for him. I’m glad to hear that you are OK.


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