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I mentioned a little while ago that things have not been the most cheerful around here. Well, here a post that is full of happy. As you know, I am away from Stitch Towers visiting my sister. Anyway, in a rare moment of clarity, I booked into a hotel because then I could leave the party when my Parkinsons told me to rather than worry about putting a downer on the evening by hanging around, shaking. So far, so boringly sobering (literally). But then some rays of sunshine shot through:

Happy 1: FABULOUS hotel room…look! My country mouse shoes liked it too.

HAPPY 2: I have finally seen my sister after months and months. It’s been too long. and my lovely goddaughter/niece And her sister. It’s good to know that I can make playlists with such young cool girls! The photo at the top of my blog post today is…

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