People are funny aren’t they? Funny weird, not funny haha. I met a woman yesterday, an acquaintance of a friend. This lady was retired, with an adult daughter who had got married, we learnt, a couple of years previously. The mother obviously doted on the daughter, even to the extent of carrying a double, framed photo wallet in her Marple-esque handbag. The well thumbed picture were shown and we obediently coo-ed. And the proud mother  divulged the most important and resonant nugget of information to us with a conspiratorial nudge…the dress had cost £250 from BHS. 

Now, although I baulk at the heinous prices charged for wedding dresses, the shock I got at this denouement was that this was the key element she had chosen to tell us. She mentioned nothing about the groom, the wedding, the engagement story (there’s always an engagement story), her daughter’s wellbeing…no, her maternal triumph was embodied in a BHS bargain. I am judging, I am not criticising. I am observing. 

This discussion happened yesterday and I’ve been pondering it ever since. Why would you do that? Fear of emotional engagement with an acquaintance? Real pride in finding a bargain, more that finding a husband?! BHS shareholder?! Who knows. But it does reaffirm my joy in the diversity of our species. Nowt so queer as folk, truly. 


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