Do you know somebody who gives themselves too much, so much that they end up getting over stressed, accident prone and ultimately, damaging their own relationships because they are so focused on helping others? Yes? I think we all do.

 If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who consistently puts their loved ones before themselves, can I ask you to take a step back and do a quick sanity check. It is so easy to continually rely on these lovely people, they give time, favours, help so freely. But at what  cost to them? Are they really drowning but not able to say so?

 If you ask them they will say they are fine. They will say, don’t worry. But you can’t stop there. Take responsibility for your concern, don’t just say, well, they say it’s ok, it’s ok. Check. Go one step further. Help them. If, when you think about it, they rarely get help from others, then why not give them a bit of assistance? You never know, they might just need it. 

And just in case you are wondering, this post has not be promoted by any one thing, just an accumulation of realisations along the way. No drama. But my conviction is undimmed by the normality chez Stitch, perhaps it is magnified. I can look around me far more than I was able to previously, and I notice more as a result. My friend may not be drowning, but she’s definately waving for a life belt. 


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